About us


The ‘take it easy’ is truly at the core of everything we do. We were founded on this idea of providing a stress-free experience to our customers, whilst simultaneously providing insanely high-quality products at not insanely-high prices. ‘Take it easy’ is a little reminder to not take life too seriously every day and to enjoy the small things in life. We want you to embrace yourself, and that includes all your cute quirks and unique imperfections.


When we say fashion for 365 versions of you, we really mean it! No matter your mood, feeling, or vibe of the day or even of the hour, we believe that with ‘clothes’ can inspire you to be your best self, and that starts with allowing you to express yourself. Our clothes can be fun exciting and we invite you to explore all seen by the variety of style or choose a time-tested classic so you can find a perfect style for you.

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